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VIDEO Communication system for railways (GSM-R) modernised and better protected


ProRail has a new GSM-R centre. GSM-R is the communication system for all communications on the railway. Reason enough to ensure that there are as few failures as possible. Allard Klomp, connectivity manager at Prorail, explains how the new data centre improves continuity on the railway.

Improved continuity on the railway

ProRail has a new and better protected GSM-R centre. All communication between the traffic control posts and the engine drivers takes place via the GSM-R network. All messages to the information boards at the stations are also sent via this system. The new data centre has been created to guarantee the safety and continuity on the railway better.

Towards zero avoidable failures

ProRail is also going to build a second location in the network. There will be a full copy of the present new GSM-R centre at this second location. In future when something goes wrong at one of the locations, we can continue fully without great disruptions to the train service. A double redundant GSM-R system is an important mile stone towards the target of zero avoidable breakdowns.

Mobirail's contribution

Mobirail is responsible for the design of the new GSM-R centre.