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De gewonnen  bekerMobirail wins cup for ProRail project

It doesn't often happen that we as suppliers receive such recognition, but Mobirail landed a prize cup as thanks for its professional approach to the ProRail project Second circuit.

The Dutch railway network has fourteen traffic control locations, posts, all managed by ProRail. Second circuit, the project that Mobirail took care of was to improve the hardware for the communication installations and the communication equipment of the traffic controllers. New functionality was very necessary for improving communications between the train driver and the traffic controller. A project with enormous impact because 1.2 million train passengers could become stranded due to miscommunication or no communication at all between the traffic controller and the trains on the railway.

26 improvements

Operational manager Rob Gravendijk: ‘There were a total of 26 different improvements in, for example, alarm or emergency situations and making the installations unambiguous and user-friendly as required by the ProRail traffic control.’ An enormously challenging job for Rob and his team. Colleagues were involved in the preparations for more than a year. Rob: ‘A team of five have implemented the changes for each location during the night hours. Engineers have affected two weeks of preparations per post.’

Faultless operation

In particular the migration in Amsterdam, the largest post in the Netherlands, was especially tense; faults just could not be permitted here. But everything went smoothly and without fault. Rob: ‘The key was the attention and care we paid to the communication. Technically we wrapped up much with proof or concept tests and the traffic controllers who were trained internally. We composed a complete scenario; which was then discussed and approved for each post.’ The project was completed on 13 November of last year and Jan Franchimon, manager ICT Operations ProRail presented the cup to project manager Rob Straatsma last month.