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Signing of the agreement by the two directors Azeddine Benchellal – Mobirail (L) and Werner Hulst – Isolectra (R).Mobirail extends cooperation with Isolectra

On 16 January Mobirail and Isolectra signed a collaboration agreement in the area of Secondary GSM-R applications. Isolectra is acting in the role of Central Distribution Partner for GSM-R peripheral equipment supplies and as GSM-R Solution Partner specifically in its expertise areas of Security, Safety and Communication. In its role Mobirail will supply the network connections (SIMs) and develop and supply GSM-R network services.


Secondary GSM-R applications are for the use of the GSM-R network outside the Primary Railway Safety application.The term Primary Railway Safety application is used to mean the communication between train operators and ProRail traffic management and also the ETCS train security applications.


Secondary GSM-R applications are, for example, speech applications (radio telephony) on and around the track, but also data applications such as status and passenger information systems. Wherever communication can contribute to Efficiency (train accuracy) and Safety (passenger and railway worker) on the track GSM-R is the de facto communication standard.


Mobirail and Isolectra have already been working together for several years in the area of Secondary applications and have developed this cooperation further in 2011 around a new market model. In this new market model there is still scope for cooperation with a number of GSM-R Solution Partners who supply innovative track applications.


For more information on Secondary GSM-R applications or if you are interested in GSM-R Solution Partners please contact the Mobirail consultant Kees Leijerzapf.