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ETCS level 2 signalering

Mobirail expands network with ETCS analysis tool

Mobirail has, as commissioned by ProRail, expanded the GSM-R network by installing a QATS 'Quality Assurance and Troubleshooting Solution' system. The QATS system allows Mobirail to analyse the ETCS traffic on the latest railway highly efficiently.


Railway routes such as the Betuweroute, HSL and Hanzelijnare equipped with ETCS. Just one of the features of ETCS is that the signals along the railway are transferred to the train where they can be viewed on instruments. ETCS stands for 'European Train Control System' and is a European standard for signalling and train management systems. Under European standardisation, trains are able to pass national borders without interruption.


The system controls the speed of the train and the following section of track. The operator sees everything that is happing in front of and behind the train on his on-board computer. The system intervenes automatically where necessary. The GSM-R network is used to transfer the ETCS information. This imposes very high availability requirements on this means of communication.


The QATS monitoring system means that Mobirail is able to analyse all information between the network and the ETCS trains in a highly efficient way. To this end, there are measurement probes located at various points across the country which intercept the necessary signals and then transmit the data to a central sever. The sophisticated software analysis and reporting modules within the system enable the Mobirail network analysts to analyse the ETCS data and, for example, provide an analysis of stranded trains in order to look into the cause.


Mobirail implemented the QATS system in a short timescale so that it could be deployed immediately while testing the new Hanzelijn. On 16 December 2011, the QATS system was declared operational and the first test journeys were successfully analysed to great effect on the Hanzelijn on 18 December.


For more information concerning the QATS system, please contact the Mobirail consultant Kees Leijerzapf.